It's Christmas All Over Again! -

It's Christmas All Over Again!

I am so ready for Christmas! I wanted to decorate two weeks ago but was promptly reminded that you are supposed to wait until at least the day after Thanksgiving.

I am compromising and doing it THIS weekend. I didn't decorate at all last year, not a lick. I had to celebrate two weeks before Christmas in Alabama because I had to work and couldn't go home to see the family on the week of. I remember I went to church with the Cox family Christmas Eve and to a movie on Christmas Day with Kristen Cornett. If I didn't have those guys, I would have been on my own.

But for the first time in my 10 1/2 year news career I WILL BE IN SWEET HOME ALABAMA ON DECEMBER 25TH!!!!! I am so excited. My family is downsizing big time on Christmas gifts this year and I think this is the chance to really appreciate what Christmas is all about: Jesus Christ and Family!

Oh and I can't help that I have a huge crush on Santa CLaus so I have to mention him, too!

But even though I won't be here for the actual day of, I am pulling out all my Christmas decor this weekend, blasting my Carpenter Christmas cd and making a big pot of chili. There will probably a hot toddy or two involved as well. Then next weekend, it's off to Bama for Thanksgiving (my second at home in 10 1/2 years) and I will help decorate my mom's house, too! Right before we whip out a can of whoop ass on Auburn...Sorry but that's really why I am going home next weekend.

Merry Early Christmas and Roll Tide!.

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