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Hope to See You Tomorrow

I know you will be a little stressed tomorrow with the whole turkey dinner and family thing going on, but you should take a breather and check us out.

Marc, Matt, Paul and I will be hosting the Ameren UE Thanksgiving Day Parade tomorrow. We have a special two hour show starting at 8:00 in the morning. You'll see us if you're downtown perched high above the corner of Market and 4th St.

Here we are last year looking a little perplexed.

I'm sure it's a reaction to something Paul did. I hear he and Matt plan on highjacking Santa's sleigh during the parade.

Oh, which reminds me. Did you ever see the entertainment segment Paul and I did called "The CooKerr Report?" We used to do it during the newscast. Well, we're bringing it back, Baby! Just for tomorrow. It will be Paul at his finest.

And I will probably give a shout out to the Crimson Tide during the show. Can't help it. I'm bolting to Bama right after the parade. Alabama plays Auburn Saturday afternoon and I want to be with my family when we break Auburn's six game winning streak in the Iron Bowl.

It's a sick obsession, I know. If you think I'm bad, you should see some of the beloved fans down South.

Yeah, that, you will never see me wearing.
Roll Tide, my fellow Bama freaks!!!!!! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, too.

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