Do you have a 10 minute rule? -

Do you have a 10 minute rule?

I don't even remember who gave me this advice, but a long time ago someone told me that before you type an angry email and hit should walk away for 10 minutes. It gives you a chance for cool reflection, and a chance to reconsider those possibly ill-tempered words you just typed. That worked for me this morning. I decided instead to just give the idiots enough rope to hang themselves. I have a feeling that will happen soon enough.


I took Friday off, and took my son on his first deer hunting trip. Now I'm not a big deer hunter, but I promised my boy a while back that I'd take him, so I always try to follow through. We spent three and a half hours in the 20-degree weather, trying to be a quiet. Needless to say, it was a good day for the deer. We didn't actually see any deer, because they probably heard us coming long before we got anywhere near them. By the way, that's a BB gun he's holding!


I have to brag for a moment. My daughter just had the best swim meet of her career, hitting two long-awaited goals in one meet at the Rec Plex this weekend. She now has three "sectional" cuts, which not only places her in the top tier of swimmers in her club, but allows to her travel to Oklahoma City next year to compete. These kids work so hard, and generally receive very little press in non-Olympic years. She practices two hours a day, 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day! It's great to watch all that hard work pay off.

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