Journalists try every day to present their stories in an unbiased way, and to a large extent I think we succeed more than we fail as a profession. But I can't think of a single journalist I know here in St. Louis who was rooting against Kurt Warner and his Arizona Cardinals. Forget Bill Bidwell. Forget any lingering issues with Brenda. This guy is the real deal, and we were honored to have him here as a Ram for the brief period we did. Trust me when I tell you that professional athletes can be arrogant, rude and condescending, and those are on the good days. I covered sports for many years, and even got to travel to the Super Bowl in 1989. People like Kurt Warner are what save the sports world from imploding on itself. He is humble, down to earth, and has never let his success lead him to believe he is superior to the fan who paid $150 to take his or her child to the game. Case in point - when Kurt was on the sidelines here in 2003, replaced by Bulger, I spotted him at the California Pizza Kitchen in Chesterfield picking up a takeout order on his way home from a game. Now Special K had absolutely no idea who I was, nor did I expect him to, but when I approached him so my boy could shake hands, he stopped what he was doing and talked to Bradley as if he mattered. Not a casual "hello", but a sincere greeting. Fast forward to this past week in Tampa, and you'll find an article in the Post from Saturday regarding the Warner's and a visit to the Cheesecake Factory. Before leaving, the Warner's let their kids pick a table of 20 people, and they paid their entire tab. Those people were Steeler's fans! You just can't make this stuff up, but it's more evidence of what kind of man Warner is, and evidence of someone who practices what he preaches. Thanks, Kurt.

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