It's Been Awhile -

It's Been Awhile

I must admit, some days it is hard to blog without sounding negative. That's probably why I took a break.

But it is what it is. If the recession hasn't hit you, it's hit someone you know.
It's tough whether you're trying to sell a house, find a job, hold onto your job or just trying not to think about how much worse the economic meltdown may get.

This is the most I've ever jonesed for baseball season to start. The Cardinals may not be a cure all, but they sure could act as a Dr. Feel Good these days.

On the bright side, scaling back can help you get back in touch with friends and family. I know I would rather stay home and watch a movie with friends or have them over for dinner than drop 60 bucks on a night out on the town.

This is certainly an eye opener when it comes to spending habits. Who knew Target and Forever 21 could have such cute clothes?

Reporting on budget friendly stories has helped me, too. After I did the taste test story on name brands versus generics, I have opted for the store brands on several more grocery products. Haven't noticed a difference in taste either!

I also find my self in church and praying a lot more. Again, another change for the better.

This is a global economic crisis and you can't help but find yourself in a mental slump, but don't let it stay there.
Be proactive. Be realistic. Be prepared.
And even though misery loves company, love and the right company can get rid of misery.

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