Guys, Would You Wear This? -

Guys, Would You Wear This?

I went to Fashion Week Friday.

I must say, I was quite surprised when the guys hit the runway. I know St Louis is a little behind the west coast when it comes to the latest trends and fads, but WOW.
It will be really interesting to see if the guys around here wear what I saw. A lot of skinny jeans, cropped pants, rolled up pants and hi-top shoes.

I do believe, just like women, you are going to need a certain figure to pull this look off.

Oh, and hairstyles are changing, too.

Here are a couple examples.

Simply Parted

This is the look Paul was going for today and I made fun of him. Little did I know he was just being cool.

and 80's Rocker Dude

It will be interesting to see how the midwestern guys adapt to these looks. I know the boys back home in Bama won't buy into it. Tell me what you think?

Here are some more pictures from Friday night of the girls and me.

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