Are You Ready for Some BASEBALL????? -

Are You Ready for Some BASEBALL?????

Okay, you know that annoying person in the office who is always happy no matter what? No matter if their job is boring, or the staff was told they have to work the weekend or if they have to stand out in two hours of freezing temps and act happy on live tv....

That is me! I am the annoying one right now. I know the weather on Opening Day is going to be nasty, cold and maybe even snowy but I really don't care. I am so excited!
I'm annoying at home, too.

Ask Saban. I made the poor puppy dress up and eat out of a Cards bowl last night.

Yeah, Boy, I am still watching you.

I got out my massive collection of ball caps and tee shirts this weekend. Of course the deteriorating forcast for Monday is forcing me to come up with a plan B for my attire.
Plus, that means the News 4 Morning Boyz and I will be out in the bitter cold Monday morning for the show but we will be so fired up it won't matter. At least that's what I keep telling them.

But still! Baseball is back in town! St Louis, you have been going through a rough time with the dismal economy but at least our boys are here to bring us some good times and distractions.
Even if you don't plan to go to the game, watch it downtown or at least with friends.

That's this annoying-for-the-week news girl's perscription. Go Cards!

I can't wait to see Yadi!

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