Opening Day '09 -

Opening Day '09

I had fun as always despite the nasty, cold weather and the loss. My day started at 3 AM in the newsroom to get ready for the big show. Marc and I got to Busch Stadium around 4:30 and then we went live from 5 to 7 from the third baseline side.

Yes, it was cold, but it was so fun.
We also got to meet FredbIrd for the first time. He ambushed the set during the show. That was a highlight for sure.

Our face paint and accessories came from our Cardinals makeover crew Sharyl Dawson and Elise Rhoades from American Carnival Mart. They were loaded with stuff from their store in Creve Couer.

It wasn't that cold at the beginning of the show at 5 but around 6:45, I was shaking non stop. I don't know how the fans did it.

I met Bama Friend Kelly at Mike Shanoon's and we watched the game there.

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