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What Do You Think About the New Show?

Today "Awake" debuted on Channel 4. If you missed it, I'll fill you in on the changes.
We have a whole new look: new set, no chairs and we move around the building to give you a different perspective on how our little operation works.

We also relaxed the format. Now we can actually talk to each other. Before, we were constantly being told to move onto the next story. We also adlib. There are very few scripts. We just have lists of bullet points. I like that. I also like that we are standing up. We have had a few comments about the standing up and how it looks uncomfortable. I feel as if it keeps us energized.

There are two new additions to our cast of characters. Affton Spriggs and Julian Grace. Affton is in charge of finding the most popular and interesting stories on the web and getting you guys to participate in our live online chat. You can also Twitter with us during the show. We are replying to viewers as well.

Julian is our reporter who gets out there and finds all the cool stuff you can do in our community. Lisa Manzo makes sure you are up to date on the latest news in our area.

Plus, Paul and Matt keep their mics open so they can chime in anytime they want. We also chat it up with the folks over at Y98 at the end of the show.

Here are a few pictures from this morning.




Tell us what you think about all the changes! I'd like to hear from you!

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