Surprise! -


No one has ever thrown me a surprise party in my life but someone did Saturday- in a huge way.
I had no idea my friends were throwing a surprise wedding shower and bachelorette party.

You see, I have a co-bride. Meaning, there will be a double wedding ceremony. My close friend Christy and I are marrying brothers, the guys have a huge famiy, so she asked, "Why not have one big party?"

Christy already had the venue and the date and she invited us to be in on it too. Two ceremonies, one big reception. NOW WHAT KIND OF GIRL SHARES HER WEDDING???? Christy.

Because this is my second marriage, I didn't want to ask people to come to a shower or have a bachlorette party.

Christy's shower was Saturday. She'd been planning it for weeks and while I was sitting next to her recording who gave her walks Bama friend Kelly and some of my closest friends. Then my fiance Jason starts hauling in all these presents that were hidden by the guests who were there for Christy and secretly for me! I lost it. Could not stop crying. I have never felt surrounded by so many close friends and caring people.

I won't go into details, but Christy has a lot on her plate in addition to the wedding, for her to find the time to not only share her party but plan it truly incredible!

So in 5 1/2 weeks I will not only get an amazing husband but a wonderful sister!

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