Off to Get Married! -

Off to Get Married!

This Saturday is going to be one of the best days I've ever had! I am getting married to my perfect match plus I'm getting a wonderful brother and sister in law all in one. We are having a double wedding ceremony.

Jason, my fiance, and his brother Brian are sharing the day so we can have one big party.

Christy and Brian were already engaged when Jason popped the question the week of Christmas.

They already had the date set for June 6th. Jason and I were thinking of October for our wedding until Christy said we should just all get hitched at once. We all loved the idea.

Now this won't be like Marcia and Jan on the Brady Bunch Wedding episode. Christy and I are having seperate back to back ceremonies.

Here we are at her bachelorette party. Christy's in white.

Believe it or not, we have not had one argument. Christy had the colors and place picked out, I just chose colors that compliment hers. It is going to be BEAUTIFUL. It's outside and will last well into the night.

We'll be one big family next time you see me!

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