Best Day of My Life -

Best Day of My Life

Saturday was perfect and then some. It was beautiful. The wedding was in a little town in Illinois called Aviston at a the "Hidden Lake Winery." I highly recommend it. The owners treated us like we were family.

Jason and I took pictures before the wedding at the winery.

But we saw eachother for the first time at our favorite tree in the back of our house. Here I am walking to see him for the first time that day.

I was so excited, never nervous, I just wanted to marry the man of my dreams. And after they announced us as husband and wife,

the Laclede Quartet played the song I wanted to surprise Jason with. I hadn't heard them play it until this moment. It was the string quartet version of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me." As you can see I'm pretty pleased as is Jason.

It's just a song that we and all our friends go crazy to when we hear it. So to me, this was the most appropriate song for that moment. The best celebratory moment I've ever had.

Remember this was a double wedding. Jason's brother Brian married Christy just before us.

Christy is an amazing woman. She is the reason this wedding came together so well.

She really was my rock through all this and I would never have done it any other way. It was perfect.

So meet my new husband, brother and sister. I love you guys!

I also want you to meet my new niece Ellie. She has a soft spot for Marc. Taking this picture was probably more exciting than the wedding.

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