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I'm hearing some good news on the recovery of Debbie Goff Stephan, the mother of the triplets highlighted in the previous post. She is still struggling to recover from "amniotic fluid embolism", but she is handling dialysis well over the past few days, and is making some progress. The need for monetary help - and prayers, of course - continues for this family. Their medical bills will be astronomical.


There's a new restaurant in the Chesterfield valley that really stands out from the others. Granted, it's sort of a "guy" hangout, but in an upscale sort of way. The "BrickHouse Pub" opened up several weeks ago, and I have to say this place really has some unique things to offer. First, the inside of the place is set up with big screen televisions just about everywhere you look. In one corner, guys, they've got recliners that stretch out like beds, in front of 50 inch plasma screens. At the bar, there's just about every great draft beer you could imagine, and if you go in with a group they'll serve your draft in a huge beer bong. It sounds like something out of college, but trust me - it's really cool. The menu is targeting guys like me who really like "comfort" foods. Tater tots, mini steak sandwiches, wings - and that's just to start. Everything we tried was delicious, and we were full before we got to the heart of the menu. The Brickhouse is located where Joe's Crab Shack used to be, right off Chesterfield Airport Rd.

See ya.

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