Shaqie Robinson -

Shaqie Robinson

I had no idea I would be going to the same game as the one Shaquille O'Neal was going to until the day before.

I saw him throw the first pitch and then he sat ten seats down from me.

This my first time to sit in those green seats and it seriously felt like I was in a dream. Just look how close the players were.

We were right in front of where the players warm up on deck. There's Yadi!

Normally I would have yelled and cheered Yadier on, this night I was silent. Speechless. I didn't want to embarrass myself.
I did all the yelling for Colby Rasmus. One time after I yelled, "Let's go, my Bama Friend!" Julio Lugo turned around and smiled at me. That exchange was the only contact I had with the players but I loved it!

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