This is Paul Cook's last week. He has decided to leave because the daily grind of waking up at 4 in the morning to do the traffic reports and also work a full shift at Y98 is just too much for him and his young family.

I completely understand, but I am very sad. As much as you guys may think he says whatever he wants, he actually holds back a lot on the air.
When Paul comes in the studio there is an automatic energy boost in the room. He is hysterical. Stomach hurting, eyes watering laughter is not unusual when Paul is around.
But not only is he funny, he is a very sweet and understanding friend.

I never really aporeciated this side of him until I read his book about his personal addiction to drugs and alcohol. His role as a father, husband, friend and broadcaster is truly inspiring.

We will be talking about his Friday departure this week. I hope you will watch.

We love you, Paulie!

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