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What are you going to do?

By now, many of you have read Virginia's post on the changes that are coming to N4 Awake, so I figured it was time to address them as well. I've been honest with you for 16 years, so why stop now?

October 23rd will be my last day as anchor of the morning news, and that will certainly be a sad day for me. I've been blessed over the years to have worked with some of the nicest, most down to earth people you would ever hope to meet, and in this business that's saying something. I've been joined on the anchor desk by 5 very talented women (Margie Ellisor, Kristi Shearer, Kristin Mitchell, Richelle Carey and Virginia) over the past 13 years, which made my job pretty darned easy! I consider each of them a friend, and I thank them for putting up with me. Stepping away from the anchor desk is not easy, but this is a very subjective business. The amount of hard work and effort put in is not always reflected in ratings, and ultimately that is one thing I have no control over. I will move on to a job as a reporter for KMOV, which is where I started back in 1993. Thanks to all of you who've watched the morning news team through the years, and I hope you'll continue to support Virginia, Matt and our new team. I'll catch you in a different time slot - with a little more sleep each day ;)


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