Marc -


Okay..Breathe, Virginia.

I have put this off because I know this will not be easy to write. In fact, I have been in denial the last three weeks because as soon as I think about Marc leaving, I break.

You always hear the word "chemistry" thrown around in the TV news business. The anchors either have it or they don't. You can't fake it.

I don't call what Marc and I have together on air "chemistry." I call it friendship, trust, pure joy and loyalty. Four years ago, when they moved me from the field to the anchor desk we didn't really know each other. Sure, I had worked on the morning show for more than two years but we never really saw each other.

In fact, the bosses were concerned because they said we didn't have chemistry. So they moved me to a desk next to Marc's so we could get to know each other. Well, it worked.

We are so comfortable together and have so much fun. When one of us is not "feeling it" that day, the other steps it up and puts us back in the game.
Something eventful in my life isn't legit until I tell Marc.

Marc is the most helpful, patient and understanding guy in this whole station. He was able to show me the ropes and not one time did he make me feel small or ignorant.
Remember, he's been anchoring this show for more than 14 years..He's seen it all, yet he always takes the time to help.
I've NEVER heard anyone speak negatively of Marc. And that is unheard of in this business.

He is so talented and intelligent. I feel privileged to have been able to be by his side each morning for the last four years.
Friday is his last day. I'm not sure how this will play out but it sure will hurt.

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