Recap: America's Next Top Model -

Recap: America's Next Top Model

Lakisha Jackson,

This week their challenge was to go on go-sees to see 5 different designers. Fo and Celia came back late so they both were disqualified. The winner of the challenge was Teyona. She won clothing from the designers.

Next they had a swimsuit photo shoot on the beach in a crowd. Nigel was their photographer. I love when Nigel photographs. I have a crush on him!

Teyona become my favorite after this episode. She really rocked her photo shoot. She was doing several different poses and she looked great in her swimsuit.

I thought that Fo, Celia, and Allison's pictures weren't that great compared to Aminat and Teyona's.

Tyra called Teyona's name first, then Allison, then Aminat, and then Celia's. Fo was sent home. I thought it should have been Celia, but Fo hasn't really taken any awesome pictures and I guess this was her last straw. Next week I think Celia and Aminat will be the bottom two, with Celia being sent home. Let me know what you think!!

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