Recap: American Idol Tuesday night -

Recap: American Idol Tuesday night

Lakisha Jackson,

This week was Rock week for the contestants.

Adam sang Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lot of Love." This was a no-brainer. He rocked those high notes. He was rocking it on stage!!

Allison sang "Cry Baby" by Iraheta. Some of the judges thought she did just "ok." I wasn't blown away either.

The first duet was Kris and Danny. They sang "Renegade" by the Styx. They both sounded great. They should really think of getting a band together!! Simon said Danny sounded a bit better than Kris though.

Kris sang "Come Together" by the Beetles. He played an electric guitar with the band. It wasn't his best performance to me.

Danny sang Aerosmith's "Dream On." He was singing like he wanted to make it to the final two!! But then it took a turn for the worst. He tried to hit a few high notes at the end that were not good at all. Simon said it was like watching a horror movie. I think he was trying to take a risk. If he gets voted off tomorrow it would be the note that killed him.

Adam and Allison sang "Slow Ride" by Foghat. They killed it together!!

Overall, I thought the duets were better than the individual performances. I was very disappointed. Being down to the final 4, I thought they would be singing their hearts out! I have no clue who's going home tomorrow. But if I had to take a guess, I would say Kris unfortunately. Who do you think is going home??

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