Recap: American Idol Tuesday night -

Recap: American Idol Tuesday night

Lakisha Jackson,

This week the panel got to choose a song, while the contestants picked the other.
Paula picked "Dance Little Sister" for Danny. He had a lot of energy, but it was just ok. I wasn't blown away. Danny picked "You Are So Beautiful." It was a BEAUTIFUL version with a guitar and violins. It really showcased his vocal talent.

Randy and Kara picked "Apologize" by One Republic for Kris. His version wasn't too far from the original, but he sounded great to me. Kris picked "Heartless" by Kanye West. He turned the rap song into an acoustic version. It was really good! I loved the twist! I would buy his CD. I always forget his name. But he definitely has the look. I might actually have to vote for the first time this season tonight.

Simon picked "One" by U2 for Adam. I was thinking, please don't hurt one of my favorite songs. I didn't care for it. The original is sooooo good that he just didn't do it for me. Adam picked "Cryin" by Aerosmith. Before he even started singing I knew he was going to hit this out of the park. This is the type of songs he should sing. It was amazing!

If I had to pick who will be sent home tomorrow, I would have to say Danny. It is so close!! I could really see any of them in the final. I'm so excited to find out!! Who do you think will make it to the final??

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