America's Next Top Model is......... -

America's Next Top Model is.........

Lakisha Jackson,

In this episode they had to do the Covergirl commercial and photoshoot.

Aminat did a good job on her commercial. She showed more personality than the others. But her picture was not as good as the other two.

Allison forgot her lines, but she finally made it through. I thought she looked beautiful with her hair pinned back. She didn't have much excitement in her commercial though. Her picture was more commercial than her other ones.

Teyona, I don't know what she was doing, but her commercial was horrible. She started crying because she just couldn't get through it. Because of the storm cut in, I'm not sure if she was able to finish it. Her picture was cute.

The judges called Allison's name first. It was down to Teyona and Aminat. Aminat was sent home.

Teyona and Allison had to walk on the runway for the finale. Allison's walk improved big time. I thought overall that they both did a great job.

America's Next top model is..................................Teyona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes my eyes watered. The finale gets me every time.

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