American Idol: The showdown!!! -

American Idol: The showdown!!!

Lakisha Jackson,

We're down to the final two!!!

Round 1: They pick their best performance

Adam started the night out ready to take the crown. He picked "Mad World." It was beautiful!! He wore a black trench coat that got a lot of attention from the judges. He looked like Neo in the Matrix to me.

Kris picked "Ain't No Sunshine" while playing the piano. It was beautiful too. This is just too much!! I'm so glad they allow contestants to play instruments now. Kris wore a t-shirt and jeans with a black vest.

Round 2: Simon picks the song

Adam sang "A Change is Gonna Come." It started out nice, but it ended with way too many high notes. He looked good in his silver suit though. I didn't know there was going to be costume changes?

Kris sang "What's Going On." Wow!! Randy and Simon thought it was too laid back for the night. I disagreed. No costume change for Kris.

Round 3: They both sang a song co-written by Kara

Adam sang it with a rock flare. I thought it was ok. He had another costume change, a jacket and bleached jeans.

Kris sounded ok too. He was really trying to sing his heart out. Some of the notes seemed a bit forced.

This is going to be a close competition. I think that Adam would be great for Broadway. But I could hear Kris' songs on Y98. I would have to say I hope Kris wins. Who do you think will win?!?

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