News 4 Investigates: Tarnished Badges -

News 4 Investigates: Tarnished Badges

I'm going to do something a little unusual here, but I'm guessing by the number of phone calls I've had BEFORE this story aired, many people will be asking for additional information after Monday's 10 p.m. newscast.

What's unusual? I'm going to share with you some of our source information -- the raw documents and notes we compiled while reporting this story. We investigative reporters are very wary of giving up our methods, but in this case I'm going to make an exception. Almost everything we have came from public records, so there is nothing here you couldn't find yourself if you had a couple free months and a law firm at your disposal.

My hope is you'll have a better understanding of how we research our stories and you'll be better informed about the process of how police officers are investigated and punished.

But first, let's get you up to speed on some lingo.

POST is Missouri's Police Officer Standards and Training department. It's the state agency that determines the training requirements for all Missouri police officers, issues peace officer licenses to individuals who have met those requirements and conducts investigations of individuals who may have committed an act unbecoming a peace officer.

The AHC is the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission. It functions much like a court -- a judge considers evidence brought to them by POST investigators and decides if it merits action against the peace officer's license.

IAD is the Internal Affairs Department of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. It handles citizen complaints and investigates allegations of misconduct by St. Louis police officers.

SLMPD is the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

What follows is a version of a crib sheet I used to boil down each officer's problems to a couple of sentences. It was the document I shared with my key sources and with the experts who helped guide me through the research process.

The links inside each officer's case will lead you to .pdf files, so make sure you have Acrobat installed if you'd like to read the detailed AHC documents.

Here we go.

Michael P. Waisner
Currently employed by Warson Woods under a valid POST license.
Waisner was reprimanded by AHC for inappropriate behavior with two high school students and requesting sexual favors from an 18 year-old girl while on duty in Webster Groves.
Timothy H. Moore
Currently employed by Cool Valley under a probationary license.
Moore resigned from SLMPD and was subsequently reprimanded by AHC for conspiring with another officer to file false charges against his estranged wife.
Herman E. Jackson
Currently employed by Berkeley under a valid license.
Jackson was fired by SLMPD and charged by AHC for stealing $2,000 from a woman during a traffic stop. AHC charges were dismissed, but new charges are pending. Warrant for criminal charges sent to St. Louis circuit attorney by SLMPD. Criminal charges pending ongoing investigation.
Carey Wells
Currently employed by Kinloch under a valid license.
Wells was reprimanded by AHC for having sex with a 15 year-old girl while emploted by Pagedale. A criminal trial on the same charge resulted in Wells' acquittal. Discipline is on appeal.
Keith E. Brown
Currently employed by Kinloch under a valid license.
Charged by AHC for having sex while on duty, admitted to same. AHC found no cause for discipline.
Marcus Fountain
Currently employed by Northwoods under a valid license.
"Resigned/Charges" from SLMPD after IAD investigation into "Conduct Unbecoming/Uncivil Treatment." Case has been refered to POST. AHC charges pending.
Craig Hebrank
Currently employed by Cottleville under a valid license.
"Resigned/Charges" from SLMPD after IAD investigation into four counts of "Conduct Unbecoming/Uncivil Treatment" and one "Violation of Department Procedures."
Jeana Huntoon
Currently employed by Wentzville under a valid license.
Listed as "NO REHIRE" by SLMPD after IAD investigation into "Conduct Unbecoming/Uncivil Treatment"

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