The "ticket snatchers" new trick? -

The "ticket snatchers" new trick?

Back in November, Craig Cheatham told you the story of how ticket brokers make it near impossible for true fans to get tickets to their favorite performances.

Craig explained how some companies use high tech methods to bombard computer ticket sales operations with thousands and thousands of requests.

A Viewer named Mike wrote the DB after experiencing a much more low-tech approach to ticket hoarding... one that is still pretty effective.

Mike wrote of his experience waiting in line at the Fox theatre for tickets to see Jonas Brother. His daughter, he says, is a big fan.

Folks in line were handed raffle tickets and a drawing determined who in that line would be able to buy the 2,000 or so seats available. Mike's number was drawn, so he was able to buy four seats in one of the first 20 rows. Not too shabby.

But he saw something that concerned him.

Mike writes:

"While standing in line with my group I noticed what looked like three homeless people interspersed between everyone else. They stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the teenage girls and their mom's buying tickets for them."
"...After I purchased my tickets, when I was walking to my car, I noticed about 10-12 homeless people standing outside the back of the FOX. It was 8 degrees out and there standing out in the cold talking to each other. Obviously the scalpers or someone is hiring these homeless people to buy tickets."
"...I saw many teenage girls crying today because they did get the chance to buy tickets. When I went and looked on Ebay to see if the scalpers were selling the tickets, I couldn't believe how many great seats in the first 20 rows were available at a greatly marked up price by what looked like professional ticket sellers. I was seeing prices of $800 dollars for 4 tickets within the first 20 rows."

Mike paid about $200.00 for four tickets at the Box Office.

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