The price of getting it wrong. -

The price of getting it wrong.

Albert Pujols is still steaming about the irresponsible decision by KTVI FOX2 to report false information about his role in the Mitchell Report on steroids in baseball.

From the baseball wires:

Pujols asked team media relations director BRIAN BARTOW to make a reporter and cameraman from St. Louis Fox affiliate KTVI leave the room where Pujols' news conference was taking place on the final day of the Cardinals' winter warmup. On Dec. 13, KTVI broadcast an incorrect report, citing information posted on the Web site of New York television station WNBC, that linked Pujols and other players to the Mitchell Report.
When the report was released that day, Pujols' name was not included.
KTVI acting news director AUDREY PRYWITCH had no comment. After the Mitchell Report was released, posted a statement that it "regrets the error and sincerely apologizes for providing the incorrect information."

You may recall former KTVI news director Kingsley Smith tried to downplay this glaring error in journalism and judgement because, he said, the FOX News brand gives him a little more latitude to play fast and loose with the facts.

Yeah, Kingsley... and it comes with a price.

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