News 4 Investigates: St. Louis Metropolitan Towing -

News 4 Investigates: St. Louis Metropolitan Towing

The FBI, IRS and Missouri Department of Revenue are investigating St. Louis Metropolitan Towing and so is News 4 Investigates. The towing company at the center of the scandal that led to the retirement of St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa, was raided by federal agents on Thursday, August 12th. The company held the lucrative contract for towing cars for the department, but it was revealed that St. Louis Metropolitan Towing allowed officers and Mokwa's daughter to borrow vehicles, sometimes for months at a time.

Click here to read the contract between the towing company and the St. Louis Police Department.
We've been looking more closely at the fees that the company charges and called around to different towing companies in the St. Louis area, as well as Kansas City and Indianapolis to compare them.

St. Louis Metropolitan Towing charges a $100 flat fee, but tacks on $60 dollars if they use one of their flatbed tow trucks and most of their trucks are flatbeds. Storage is $25 a day, but doubles to $50 after the car has been on the lot 30 days. The company adds an additional 150 bucks if your car is towed during a special event and the storage fee jumps to $40 a day.

A West St. Louis County tow company that also tows for a local police department, charges a flat rate of $95 for a tow that was called in by police or charges $55 plus mileage if a private individual calls in for service. That company tacks on an extra $35 for using a flatbed tow truck but does not add any additional charges for special events. Storage costs $30 a day, but does not go up after 30 days.

A North St. Louis County company told me it charges $65 plus mileage for a tow. There's no additional charge for using a flatbed. Storage is $30 dollars a day and does not go up.

A Kansas City Tow company that I contacted, charges $55 plus mileage for a tow. The fee is $60 plus mileage if a flatbed truck is used. Storage does not go up after 30 days.

A towing company in Indianapolis, charges $60 plus mileage for a two, which goes up to $75 plus mileage if a flatbed truck is used. Storage is only $20 a day and doesn't go up.

News 4 Investigates wants to hear from you, if you had your vehicle towed by St. Louis Metropolitan Towing. Did you think the fees that you were charged to get your vehicle back were unfairly high? Too high to get your car back? Did you go to pick up your car and were told that it wasn't there? Email us with details on your situation at or call the tipline at (314) 444-3344

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