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H.I.V. positive prostitute arrested

St. Louis County Police say Nigaila Gibbs was HIV positive, knew it, and worked as a prostitute anyway.  Its a crime in Missouri to be HIV positive and not tell your partner.  They say there may be hundreds of men who were exposed.  While it isn't as easy for a woman to infect a man as it is the reverse, it is possible.  Police hope those clients get tested and also tell their partners.

St. Louis County Health does free testing.  The program manager says if a person has another std, like clamydia, its more likely that person will contract HIV from an infected partner.  Also, the chances of infection increase if blood is involved, whether because of a cycle or injury.  This information isn't "family friendly" to broadcast at 5pm, 6pm, but it is important.  Hopefully anyone who know they've come in contact with her will get tested and make sure their partners, do too. 

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