Metro-East crackdown on illegal fireworks -

Metro-East crackdown on illegal fireworks

 With multiple fireworks stands set up across the Mississippi River, Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst says it's tough to keep fireworks out of the hands of residents in Illinois. It is illegal to set off fireworks in Illinois and Alton's city codes prevent anyone from possessing fireworks. Still, the mayor says police stay busy this time of year.

Illinois is one of the few states that outlaws most fireworks.  Novelties like sparklers and smoke bombs are legal.  Check out where other states stand here:

This year, Mayor Hoechst is reminding citizens that police are looking for those who set off fireworks in the city and anyone caught will get a citation to appear in municipal court.

Tonight, Alton is planning its own fireworks display along the banks of the Mississippi River. The fireworks will be set off on the Missouri side of the river for crowds at the amphitheater in Alton.

For more information about the event, click here:

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