Public hearing scheduled to address VA medical safety lapse -

Public hearing scheduled to address VA medical safety lapse

(KMOV)-- A public hearing will address a recent safety lapse at the John Cochran VA Medical Center, Missouri Congressman Russ Carnahan said Friday morning.

Speaking to reporters via conference call, Carnahan said the hearing will take place July 13 in St. Louis. He said U.S. House Veterans Committee Chairman Bob Filner will be present, along with various members of Congress from Missouri.
The hospital became the center of controversy after it became known that more than 1,800 veterans might have been exposed to hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.
Carnahan called the mistakes unacceptable and said those connected to the lapse in procedures should be held accountable.
"If there was either mismanagement or a cover up involved in this, absolutely I think that's something that should happen. Heads should roll. It's not acceptable, particularly in the VA," Carnahan said.
A time and location for the hearing have not yet been determined, Carnahan said.


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