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Teen in Leg Irons and Handcuffs Escapes


A 16 year old in leg irons, handcuffs and a belly chain was about to escape police custody today. It happened in Clayton outside of the Family Courts Building. Investigators tell News 4 that the teen was sitting in a transport van in the building's sallyport when he was able to slither out of a window. He was originally transported to Clayton for attempt to escape St. Louis City custody.

After nearly two hours of searching in the air and on the ground police found him hiding in a backyard of a home near Hanley and Wydown. We're told that the teen resisted arrest and police had to use a dog and tazer to take him into custody. In the suffle the police dog and county officer were injuried. 

The teen was in custody for unlawful use of a weapon. There is no word yet on any other charges he may face.

The escapee did have a few visible injuries, to his legs. Police tell us the dog bit him on his right thigh and his leg irons created some kind of burns on his shins.  Within the last 30 minutes we learne the teen may have to remain in the hospital over night.

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