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Juvenile who escaped from detention center caught

(KMOV) -- Authorities say the 16-year-old who escaped from police custody in Clayton on Thursday night, is now booked in St. Louis County family court.

The teen is accused of escaping confinement, second degree assault of a police officer, assault of a police canine and resisting arrest.

The teen slipped out of a window in the transport vehicle at about 6 p.m. when he was being taken from the St. Louis City detention center to a family court building.

The teen was spotted climbing over a fence by someone who called police. Police searched for the suspect and brought in a dog to help in the search. The suspect was found and brought into custody.

The suspect was tasered and bit by the search dog in the process of being arrested. He also had burn marks on him. He was taken to St. Mary's Hospital to treat his wounds. A police officer also suffered minor injuries while in pursuit of the suspect.

Police found the suspect shoeless, with one hand free from handcuffs and without the belly chain used to restrain him. 

The teen was missing for about two hours.

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