Chesterfield Police to Homeowners: Lock Your Doors -

Chesterfield Police to Homeowners: Lock Your Doors

Five different families woke up Thursday morning to find their purses, wallets, and small electronics gone. Police say a burglar or burglars walked into five different houses while the homeowners slept overnight.

No one was hurt and detectives did not find any signs of forced entry (things like broken windows, busted locks) leading police to believe the crooks simply walked in through unsecured doors.

Detectives say the burglars went into homes, grabbed a few items, and quickly left.

None of the homeowners woke up during the crimes.

Police don't have any suspects yet, but are processing each crime scene in search of finger prints and other evidence. In the meantime, police are asking homeowners to be sure all doors and windows are locked tight.

Detectives suspect the burglaries are related, but can't be sure the same people are behind all five until they find a suspect.

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