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We're in the Final Four!

St. Louis is a finalist to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  We're competing with Minneapolis, Charlotte, and Cleveland.  The political blogs are full of speculation and historical data - does hosting guarantee that state will go for the candidate?  Should it be St. Louis because we're the only state of the four which didn't go for Obama in '08, though it was close?

Should it be Ohio because of all the electoral votes, comparatively speaking?  Or, is Ohio a shoo-in anyway and we're a swing state.

North Carolina went for Obama, but he's in trouble there now.  Minnesota might have its own Republican candidate for President.

The pundits know it all.  Here's what City Hall says - Cleveland's convention center will still be under construction, though its not their only venue.  Charlotte is the home of Bank of America, and maybe the home of big banking isn't where a candidate wants to be right now.  And as mentioned, Minneapolis may be all focused on the homestate republican.  That leaves us :)  We'll see.

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