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Local researchers to study Ozzy Osbourne's DNA

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- At 61, Ozzy Osbourne has survived decades of indulgence in substance abuse. But how?
Next month, DNA researchers in St. Louis will be part of a team hoping to find out.

Osbourne, the musician sometimes known as the Prince of Darkness, approached a Massachusetts human genomics company called Knome (pronounced Nome) and asked it to map his DNA. Knome oversees the project, and St. Louis-based Cofactor Genomics will do the actual lab work.

Osbourne now reportedly leads a healthy lifestyle, but his years of substance abuse are legendary. Cofactor chief marketing officer Jon Armstrong said Wednesday that the DNA mapping may not offer definitive answers as to why Osbourne is healthy, but could provide clues in understanding the relationship between changes in DNA and the environment.

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