Thieves Rip-Off Charity, Take off with Several Laptops -

Thieves Rip-Off Charity, Take off with Several Laptops

Thieves made off with seven laptops from a north St. Louis charity that provides computers to seniors, veterans, low-income and other groups.  It also provides free laptops to kids with cancer.

Angela Haas is the head of WITS , Web Innovations and Technology Services.  She said two men distracted one of the workers by asking to see some computers in the back room.  While the men were in the back, an accomplice came in the front door and started carrying out laptops.  They believe the same men had struck the day before.  In all, the thieves ripped off 7 laptops worth about $2,000.

Haas said her message to the thieves is:  you're not just ripping us off.  You're stealing from the whole community when you something like this.  She said she had a second part to her message as well.  If you need money come back and I'll hire you.  She's been looking for workers and can't fill some jobs.  These are jobs that pay about $10 an hour but people won't take them.  Incredible, when you hear about all those people who say they want to work and can't find employment.

A worker at WITS did get a partial license plate.  The first four characters on the MO plate were W4D. 

The laptops that were stolen are:

Toshiba A-10 or A-15 series

Del Inspiron 1000

Dell 810 and 610 Laptops

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