Plate ump Randazzo OK after pitch hits chest -

Plate ump Randazzo OK after pitch hits chest

TORONTO (AP) -- Plate umpire Tony Randazzo was struck in the collarbone Thursday night by a pitch from Toronto Blue Jays right-hander Brandon Morrow, but was not seriously injured and finished the game.

Randazzo was left lying on the ground in pain after he was hit in the eighth inning. St. Louis outfielder Matt Holliday swung and missed a pitch from Morrow, with the ball sailing over catcher Jose Molina's glove and striking Randazzo.

"I thought it hit him right in the throat," Morrow said. "I was just hoping he was all right."

Randazzo had neck surgery two years ago after being struck by a foul ball. He was initially concerned he had aggravated that injury, but was relieved that wasn't the case.

"I've got a plate in my neck and I felt like something turned toward my neck area," Randazzo said. "I thought it had something to do with that."

Blue Jays trainer George Poulis and physician Dr. Ron Taylor came out to check on Randazzo, who stayed down for about three minutes before getting to his feet. After consulting with his fellow umpires, he stayed in the game behind home plate.

"I was fine," Randazzo said. "(Crew chief Brian Gorman) asked me a couple of times and the doctor said I was fine."

Second base umpire Paul Nauert had run off the field to change into his protective gear in case Randazzo could not continue, but soon returned to his position.

Randazzo had a red mark on his collarbone after the game, but said he did not expect to miss any time.

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