St. Louis animal shelter problems -

St. Louis animal shelter problems

The Saint Louis City animal shelter is a disgrace. It looks like a dungeon, and many of the cages are too small and would fit in nicely at a puppy mill.

Pam Walker, the city's interim Health Department Director, is trying to make sure the animals get better care, and by all accounts, she is doing that.

According to Walker, last year the city transferred 572 adoptable dogs and cats to rescue groups. So far this year, the city has transferred 419, a remarkable increase in such a short time. The animals will benefit, and taxpayers will spend less money caring for the animals.

Walker hopes to get out of the adoption business by the end of the summer. Then, the city would only deal with dangerous animals that need to be put to sleep.

There are still many adoptable dogs and cats at the shelter. You can learn more about them by visiting the shelter at 2120 Gasconade in south St. Louis, or you can call the center at 314-353-5838.

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