St. Louis man pleads guilty to extortion -

St. Louis man pleads guilty to extortion

 (KMOV)— The United States Attorney's Office announced on Thursday that a St. Louis man has pleaded guilty to extortion charges.

According to court documents, from late 2007 to December of 2009, Ethan Mikeal Avalos, 27, threatened and extorted more than $11,000 from a medical professional.
He threatened the victim with exposing the fact that the victim had several paid sexual encounters with a woman called "Brittany" whom he had contacted through Craigslist. Avalos directed the payments to Drury Hotel in Chesterfield, allegedly where the sexual encounters took place.
Avalos told the victim false information stating he was a Marine and was being sent overseas.
He continued the threats and when the victim did not agree, Avalos sent threatening emails.
The victim was directed to pay the final payment to the Journeys Kidz retail store in West County Mall and was told to pay a man named “Ethan” later found to be the suspect.
Ethan Mikeal Avalos pleaded guilty to one felony count of extortion by interstate communication. He now faces a maximum penalty of two years in prison or fines up to $250,000. Avalos will be sentenced on September 16th, 2010.

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