St. Louis streets will never be the same... someday... maybe... if there's money -

St. Louis streets will never be the same... someday... maybe... if there's money

I covered a bill signing Thursday in Mayor Slay's office.  It's called the Complete Streets Law.  It's all about designing streets to be more about pedestrians and cyclists... not just drivers.

As I headed over to City Hall I wondered to myself, "What big projects are planned?  (none).... and "When will some existing major streets be redesigned?" (never).

This is all about the future.  When the city has the money and the plans for new roads they will be built with an eye for more than just cars, but bikes and people.  Perhaps the lanes will be more narrow for drivers (but still wide enough), allowing more space for bicyclists.  That sort of thing.

The bill's sponser, Alderman Shane Cohn told me after Mayor Slay signed the bill into law, "This is not something that's going to transform St. Louis overnight.  This is something that as projects and as funding become available, more of those projects will start to transform the community.  I don't want folks to wake up tomorrow and think St. Louis is all of a sudden going to be bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly, but as we do have projects and as we do have funding for those projects come available, that's when you see the implementation of these policies put in place."

If you'd like to read the new law, check out

Ferguson and De Soto have also adopted Complete Streets policies according to Trailnet, an organization that supports more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly streets.  You can find out more about them at

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