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Father charged with killing his 3 month old baby

I can't imagine anything sadder than going from the joy of a baby to the death of that same infant in a matter of months.  In St. Charles today, prosecutors say the person responsible for that death is the father of the baby.  He told police he was diapering the baby and put pressure on her chest to keep her from wiggling.  Her liver was lacerated and her ribs fractured.  She died from internal bleeding.  I don't know how much pressure it takes to do that to a baby, but authorities obviously think it took enough pressure that it was beyond an "accident" and they charged him with second degree murder.  Prosecutor Jack Banas also spoke of an organization that has been around for years and does amazing work.  Its the Crisis Nursery, where stressed out parents can turn for help and its free if that's the economic situation. 

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