Dogtown homeowners facing big sewer problems -

Dogtown homeowners facing big sewer problems


(KMOV)-- Homeowners in Dogtown are getting some relief after severe basement back-ups over the past two months.
Workers discovered a sewer lateral plugged with muck, with water lines running through it, against city code.                                                      
Sewer officials are hoping those kind of blockages are what causing very bad sewage backups after heavy rains.
Still, some don't think MSD and the City are doing enough to insure the problem is repaired.
Recent flooding may or may not be related to the problems on Louisiana. A MSD spokesman said an investigation is still underway.
MSD spokesman Lance Lecomb says MSD has spent $100 thousand so far trying to find the problem and expect to spend much more.
MSD will meet with neighbors during the week of June 27 for another update.




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