Post Partum Depression -

Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression


1.) Baby Blues vs. Post Partum Depression (or Post Partum Psychosis)

  Signs and symptoms differ in severity and duration
   Distinguishing factors (Post partum depression)
• Thoughts of harming self or baby not just baby blues
• Withdrawal from friends/family
• Difficulty bonding with the baby
• Symptoms interfere with ability to care for baby or handle other daily tasks

 2.) Causes
• Dramatic changes in body (hormones/thyroid/blood/immune system)
• Emotional Factors (sleep deprivation/anxiety/loneliness/mourning loss of “old life”)
• Lifestyle Factors (relationship difficulties/financial problems/demanding baby/difficulty breastfeeding, lack of support)

 3.) Risk Factors 

• History of depression
• Previous episode
• Experience of stressful events during the past years including illness, job loss, pregnancy complications
• Problems in relationship with spouse/partner
• Weak support system
• Financial problems
• Pregnancy unplanned/unwanted/ambivalent

4.) Prevention and Treatment
• Talk to your doctor
• Sleep when the baby is sleeping
• Ask/Accept help from family and friends
• Be kind to yourself
• Collaborate with partner to manage schedule
• Connect with friends/other new moms who have realistic attitude toward motherhood
• Avoid alcohol
• Talk to a professionally trained therapist
• Medication (Antidepressants/Thyroid medication)

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