St. Louis County offers mosquito control assistance -

St. Louis County offers mosquito control assistance

(KMOV) – Summer is officially here, and so are the mosquitoes.

With the recent storms and heavy rains, the insects are multiplying in thousands of places – and north St. Louis County has a plan of attack.

Five fogger trucks will be spraying insecticide Monday night near Old Jamestown Road. The Health Department sprays five nights a week, and is rotating between north, west and south St. Louis County.

During the day, workers will be trying to kill mosquito larvae in standing water. They are also setting up mosquito traps, trying to find out if any of the bugs are spreading the West Nile virus. So far, the virus hasn’t been detected in St. Louis County.

Residents living in an area that needs attention should call 314-615-4BUG, and health officials say they will do their best to respond.

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