Hot temps lead to more 911 calls about dogs in hot cars -

Hot temps lead to more 911 calls about dogs in hot cars

Over the weekend, Chesterfield Police responded to three calls about dogs left in parked cars. In one case, a bystander called police after seeing a dog in a parked car at the Chesterfield mall. The witness told police the dog was in the car at least 15 minutes before someone called for help. An officer got the dog out and waited another half hour before the pet owner walked out of the mall. She was given a summons to appear in court for leaving the dog in the car Sunday afternoon.

The Missouri Humane Society in St. Louis recently helped rescue a dog left in the zoo parking lot:

An animal cruelty investigator for the Humane Society says a pet shouldn't be left in a car when the outside temperature is over 70 degrees. Pet owners can face a state animal abuse charge, a misdemeanor. Some cities have additional ordinances on the books with extra fines or penalties.

In Chesterfield, an ordinance prevents a person from leaving an animal in a parked car. The ordinance gives officers the authority to use force to get an animal out of a vehicle if it appears to be in distress.

If you see an animal locked in a parked car, call police and the Humane Society's rescue hotline at 314-647-4400.

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