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What's in your car? Thieves want to know

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You've seen the credit card commercials where the vikings ask, "what's in your wallet?" Well, here's a new question for you, "What's in your car?" Thieves want to know the answer to that question and if they can see anything of value in your parked car, they're going to break in and take it.

Our Neighborhood Crime Alert stories could focus car break-ins every week. They're that frequent and they happening fare and wide; from Ladue, MO to Lebanon, IL. The latest were in Chesterfield. There was a string of car break-ins at the athletic fields on North Outer 40 and a library branch near the Chesterfield Mall. The crooks took stuff like, a purse, cell phones, a gps device, iPods, a gaming systems, a briefcase and a television.

Who are the thieves? Police tell me if they get into a car without breaking a window because the car was unlocked, it's probably teenagers who are out late and were stealing stuff because the opportunity was there. If they break a window or punch the lock, police say those are older thieves who are more determined because they need money to feed a heroin addiction.

You can usually avoid getting your stuff stolen and helping to feed a drug addiction by not leaving any valuables in your car. If you do leave something in your car, just don't leave it sitting out in the open or attached to your windshield.

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