Cahokia hires contractor to fix sewer line breaks -

Cahokia hires contractor to fix sewer line breaks

Three weeks ago, I reported on the ongoing sewer line failures in Cahokia.

That's when Mayor Frank Bergman told me he'd present a plan to fix some of the problems at the next village board meeting. Tuesday night, I went back for the meeting where the board approved a $260,021.90 bid to repair 13 lines.

Most of the money is coming from FEMA disaster relief funds and Cahokia will have to provide a 25 percent match.

These are the jobs on the repair list:

  • Kinder Street and Jerome Lane
  • 7 Kinder Street
  • 19 School Street
  • 1151 Jones Street
  • 1222 St. Michael Drive
  • 1301 St. Raphael Drive
  • 406 Arthur Street
  • 812 LaSalle Drive
  • 422 Levin Drive
  • 861 St. Bartholomew Drive
  • 1104 St. Bernadette Drive
  • 1106 St. Bartholomew Drive
  • 7 Cahokia Street

The village expects to start work next month.

However, there are still at least 19 other major sewer line problems in Cahokia (according to the village's public works department).

Another community development block grant of $64,000 may help pay for some repairs on St. Henry, St. Margaret, and St. Gregory streets. That money is not expected to come through until late fall and it may not be enough to cover all three breaks.

The mayor says additional grant money could help free up village funds to pay for some more repairs this year though there may not be enough to cover some of the biggest issues - like the broken line on Blue Water Lane. At the end of the street, there is a gaping sinkhole that has eaten into homeowners backyards and swallowed part of a utility pole. Crews rigged an above ground system to bypass the break.

At tonight's board meeting, the mayor Bergman said, "I think that's more of a quarter of a million to 500-thousand dollar problem. I don't have an answer for that one."

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