Neighborhood Crime Alert: Wildwood break-in scheme -

Neighborhood Crime Alert: Wildwood break-in scheme

(KMOV) – In this week’s neighborhood crime alert, learn how to spot a burglar before he gets a chance to strike.

A recent crime in Wildwood will help illustrate the point. After someone broke into a house near highway 109 and Old State Road, police are looking at how the criminal might be looking for more homes to hit.

A knock at your door could be a friend or burglar. Police say they believe the Wildwood burglar used a common technique to pick his next victim. He went next door and knocked to see if anyone was home. But when someone answered, he offered to clean the gutters.

Police advise homeowners to answer a knock even if they don’t open the door, or they may risk giving the burglar the green light.

News 4’s Russell Kinsaul has more on how to protect yourself against this type of crime.


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