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A Big 12 is now 10 - predictions please

Here's something I never thought I would say - THANK YOU TEXAS.

As a Mizzou alum I have been worried about my alma mater's fate, and whether the Big 12 could even survive a Texas departure.

After watching Nebraska and Colorado defect, I thought surely Texas is next. 

On Monday we learned Texas will remain in the conference. They will also have the opportunity to start their on television network. I asked a sports economist if Mizzou might follow suit with their own network, but was told Missouri's cultural reach wasn't as far reaching as Texas, so that's unlikely.

These decisions came down to money, and specifically television revenue. Although Missouri has two large television markets, Texas has four large television markets. It's clear Texas has enjoyed the upper hand throughout this entire process. Of course the loss of Nebraska and Colorado means there won't be a conference game - and that's another big money maker for the Big 12. So, are there any predictions? Who will the Big 12 invite to the table now that Nebraska and Colorado are gone? 

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