Belleville latest hit in string of gym thefts -

Belleville latest hit in string of gym thefts

Police in three different states are now looking for two men they say steal credit cards from gyms and then use at electronic stores.  Last week, we told you investigators in Clayton and in New York State are looking for two men in connection to the thefts at gyms. 

The first suspect is described as heavier, balding and speaks with a New York accent. The second is described as taller and slimmer. 

On Monday, we confirmed that detectives in Fairview Heights are also interested in talking to the men.  Police say on May 17th someone stole a man’s credit card from his locker at the King’s Point Racket Club in Belleville.  Later that day, someone used the card to and spent 6 thousand dollars at the Best Buy store in Fairview Heights. 

We also learned on Monday that detectives from a second county in New York State believe the same men are responsible for three thefts in their area.  In one of the thefts, the suspects spent $15,000 at Best Buy.

In all, police suspect 7 thefts (5 in New York, 2 in the metro). 

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