Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts -

Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts

Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts
Father’s Day is fast and you need to be prepared. Here is a tried and true list of the top ten father’s Day gifts to help you decide what to do


Father’s Day is coming faster than a roadrunner running right by Wille E. Coyote and without the Acme Co. - you need to be prepared. Here is a tried and true list of the top ten father’s Day gifts to help you decide what to do….Starting with number ten… here we go:

10. Time. Dad likes nothing more than to learn his normal "honey-do" list has been temporarily put on hold. He can do what he wishes for the whole day. This gift is often not really seen as a gift but more of a standard guideline for his special day but, he will love it none-the-less.
* One thing, he does still expect a present.

9. Outdoor or Summer Items. Father’s day has been strategically placed in the beginning of summer to the benefit of the manufacturers of seasonal items to help move along all of those hammocks, grills and lawn mowers they always seem to have too many of. Buying Dad a summer item is easy because they are stationed in the front of almost any hardware store and sometimes even in the parking lot. He will be able to use whatever it is right away. Nothing is more annoying that to receive a gift that you are excited about and then have to wait weeks until the weather is good enough to use it.
* Items with assembly required that are not assembled by the presenter of the gift seriously loses you points.

8. Media - Books, Music and Videos. This type of gift works for almost everyone and for almost every occasion. You can tailor it to your dad’s likes and interests to personalize this gift. Is he into History? A great book on the civil war might be just the ticket. Does he like Irish Bands? Pick up a few CDs for his car.
*This gift choice can sometimes feel a little "last minute" so unless it is highly thought out use it with caution.

7. Auto add-ons. If your dad is like most dads he has a special relationship with his vehicle (or, in cases vehicles). Whether he is the neat-nic type that will run it through the car wash every weekend and vacuum the inside regardless of whether it needs it or not and changes the oil every 3,000 miles because the engine stays cleaner that way . Or, if he is the hobbyist that likes to tinker and collect cars no matter what shape they are in. He will love anything and everything to do with his mode of transportation. There are even a certain set of stores that literally survive on this passion for automobiles and all that you can purchase to maintain them, clean them and trick them out.
*If your gift is something he has really really been wanting, you may not see him for a while.

6. Electronics. What man doesn’t love an item that can be plugged in? If your dad is not up to speed in the latest electronic items out there then there is plenty for you to choose from. A new computer or LCD TV will bring a tear of joy to his eye. A Navigation system for his car or a digital camera could be his favorite gift of all time.
* Electronics are expensive and choosing the one that is right for you can be personal choice. Consider this option only if you have deep pockets.

5. Sports. Okay. This was a no brainer. Take your dad to a sporting event and make a memory. This especially works out great for a Father-Son activity. There is nothing like sharing some Dogs at the Arena or park to bring to people closer. As they say in those Visa commercials "Priceless".
* Warning a serious ass whopping to the team your dad is cheering for could bring this special event down quicker than a lead balloon. Plan accordingly.

4. Hobby Supplies. Almost every dad has a hobby or two. Gifts for Father’s day tend to bring out the most inane items for an avid golfer or a big time fisherman. Most people can’t resist the impulse to buy it if it remotely matches their loved one’s interests.
* The constant barrage of hobby presents at every gift giving occasion can become boring and predictable – for best results use sparingly.

3. Tools. Men can’t resist a new tool or gadget if it promises to do the job quicker and easier. The win-win to this type of gift is they instinctively want to start using it as soon as possible! Do you have a kitchen sink that needs some attention? Easy, give your husband or dad a cool new tool that is necessary to getting the sink fixed and viola! Problem solved. You have a working sink and he has a new tool he will quite possibly never use again.
*Warning cool new tools bright and shiny newness wears off the minute they are used and decreases their desirableness in the eyes of their owners – the good news is that if your neighbor’s husband doesn’t have this cool tool but has another that say, allows you to hang pictures perfectly straight, then a trade could invoke a new round of win-wins.

2. Food. Nothing says "I Love you" more to a man than a gift from his favorite food group. Whoever said a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach really knew what they were talking about. Whatever his soft spot is there is a gift option for it. Does he like Beer or Coffee? Easy – an of the month club. Does he love Hot Sauce or backyard BBQ’ing? Easy again – an of the month club! Or, you can put together a gift basket or purchase a pre-selected gift pack. This is one gift item that doesn’t disappoint.
* Buy extra if it is something you like too. He may not share is new gift with you.

1. Accessories. This is a wide topic covering everything from the notoriously maligned "Father’s Day tie" to the much needed and would never purchase on his own new belt. Accessories work so well as a Father’s Day gift, I believe, because this is one area that he does not venture in without back-up or serious goading on his own. There are a plethora of things to choose from that - I Am Sure - he needs. Does your dad or husband wear the same sneakers until they look like he quite literally did the 1000 mile march in them and they can possibly be smelled from that distance? Or how about that ball cap he has been wearing since the Mets won the pennant? This holiday is all about getting him those things he would not go buy himself and accessories are top on the list. New white socks so he stops wearing black ones with shorts or, something, anything other that those damn earth sandals he wears out in public no less!! This area is all about helping him help you not be so embarrassed when you are out together all wonderfully disguised as a gift! What ever it is, go for it – it can only help.
* As with every group on this list there is a caveat, just because you want him to embrace this new accessory doesn’t mean he will. You purchased it but he doesn’t have to wear it.

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